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Joanna Dunham

Joanna Dunham

Born: Wed, May 06 1936
years old
Played: Lady Bronwen Astor
Fri, Mar 03 1989
Casting the Runes
Played: Jean Gayton
Tue, Apr 24 1979
Into Infinity
Played: Anne Bowen
Tue, Dec 09 1975
A Day at the Beach
Played: Tonie
Mon, Apr 17 1972
Francis Durbridge - Die Spur mit dem Lippenstift
Played: Sue Denson
Sat, Mar 27 1971
The House That Dripped Blood
Played: Alice Hillyer (segment 1 "Method for Murder")
Mon, Feb 22 1971
The End of Arthur's Marriage
Wed, Nov 17 1965
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Played: Mary Magdalene
Mon, Feb 15 1965
Dangerous Afternoon
Played: Freda Maybury
Tue, May 23 1961
The Breaking Point
Played: Cherry
Sun, Jan 01 1961
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